stole my money, too-have no airplane tickets!!!!

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In March 2011, I purchased 4 tickets with these thieves ( and when we traveled now in July, tickets were not valid ( purchased supposedly with expired visa credit card) even thought I checked with the airline at least 15 times since March if everything is ok and legitimate. ( I was suspicious to begin with and don't know why we went through it, but unfortunately we did).

I even put a password onto my booking to make sure they (travelfastnow) cannot do anything anymore to the booking. The airline assured me that the credit card on the tickets was ok, but I still felt uneasy knowing that it was not mine, but someone else's. They did not mention anything about some card expiring at all. When I could not get my boarding passes the day of our departure online, I started to freak out.

But again the airline assured me that even though they had some issues with the boarding passes, they will fix it. Long story short, the day of departure at the airport the airline let me go with boarding passes all the way to my final destination. So I thought all was fine. However, at the stopover airport, they called me in to tell me that they made an exception to let me go from the original destination on empty tickets.

Supposedly they were paid with expired credit card and have no value at all. So guess what! To get where we needed to go, I had to pay again for all tickets.

At this moment, we are going after our credit card company to get our money back and they go after

I also will report to the Bad Business Beaureu in the US to go after them and press charges. Lars Dahlin ( Sales Manager, +45-36-980-861 (Denmark) ,+1-347-809-3293 (USA)) has not responded to my email (it also came back as not being able to be delivered) and his phone machine says the same thing as in March - just to leave a message that he will get back to you within an hour. I did not do so yet. Their website does not exist anymore.

In other words, people need to know about these crooks and I will go after them legally to make sure they catch them and prosecute them.

Please be aware and do not order any tickets through They are thieves!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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They change their company name now to and are continuously stealing money and giving fake tickets.

Can somebody investigate these people behind this scam.

Details for their western Union account are:


Recipient city: Birmingham

Recipient Country: United Kingdom


They are now

I paid for my tickets by PayPal, so I expect my creditcard company to take care of it eventually. I filed the dispute.


I did order my tickets for my family (6people) in January 2011 and was suspicious as you, American Airlines representative was able to find out that tickets were paid by 3 different creditcards, but did assure me that nobody can cancel tickets other than people which names are on the tickets. Today 8/4/2011 I found out my tickets have been canceled as of June 6. 2011 by those thieves and AA gave them the refund.

Travelfastnow stole my money and I have no airline tickets!

Not resolved

TravelFastNow is a SCAM!!! They stole my money.

They made airline reservations that they then cancelled after a month. Now they won't answer my calls. They have figured out a way to request a refund from the airlines without us knowing about it after we have our flight confirmations in hand. Absolute nightmare experience.

My $2400.00 is gone and American Airlines says once you go through an agent you are at their mercy. Never ever use this website if you come across it. They promise great prices but it is one giant SCAM. Believe me.

I have never been scammed before and I fell for it. Tell everyone you know.

I had a gut instinct in the beginning and ignored it, never again. I feel so sick.

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Odense, Fyn, Denmark #738374

Check out if it is this guy? It could be there is several danish people with name Jan Moosmand- you never know. But, if it is this guy from the link looking like with great moral- than it says here he is a lawyer with knowledge of many rules in the highest court in Denmark, and also have several companies in many different countries(google that), while he is also working for Unicef.

You could contact danish newspapers to investigate for you if you know any more details about him, if it is this guy- he is rich enough to pay you money back:


I was booked a ticket last November 15, 2011 in this agency . I did transfered by bank. because they dont accept credit card. I got fake ticket its says and above YOUR TRIP PLANNERS,So I called the Airlines company if I do have reservation,the guy I had talked with he said no reservation form me. I was dissapointed I'm a victim of this scammer.So I report it already they can fix this problem because lots of people victims of this person. I could wish I can get back my money. It's not easy I'm working hard to buy a plane ticket to have vacation to my family because I did'nt see them for how many years in this is happened? I lost my 700 euro. To if you can read my comments here, please find away that our money will return it to us. Please put action that person who stolen our money put him to jail.Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards,



The fraud is still carried out by the same people through the following websites: (no longer operational) (no longer operational) (no longer operational) (no longer operational) (still operational) (still operational) (still operational)

Stay away from these sites - You will get screwed. I did, too - by (same persons responsible)


I wished I read your post before. I was also scammed paying my flight tickets at with the amount of 1,799 euro.I Paid it last Dec 30, 2011 and until now I dont receive my tickets and i dont hear anything from them .

I try to contact their number but this week it was just answering machine and sometimes just ringing without someone answering it. I reported it already to my local police station and give all the evidences that I have. I pay thru bank transfer.

I hope these guys should be catch so they could not fool someothers too.Does anyone here in same situation like me? I am so dissappointed and just want to have my money back.


I found an offer on Do you think thay might be related to travelfastnow or mytripfriends? They also operate from Denmark, and they are so cheap...


I booked by YOURTRIPCHART, and it seems it's the same compagny as my trip friends so I think I can say goodbeye to my money


I have been scammed purchasing from mytripfriends... they sent me a valid e-ticket but it was taken using stolen credit card!!!

Unbelieveble.... for sure I've immediately report to Action Fraud (at least a couple of weeks ago)... for sure they confirm they receive my info....

but nothing more.

Does sombody has similar experience reporting frauds with them?

#398626 is the same problem!


If you believe you have been a victim of fraud please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or report online at


Can anyone advise or help me if i can still get back my money that i transferred through western union? I also booked flight in and they ask me to pay through WU with the ff. info:

recipient name : Maksims Rjasnovs

recipient city : Birmingham

recipient country : United Kingdom

transfer amount : 1,260. euro

I hope somebody can help us so they will stop this kind of SCAM. They just keep on changing company names.


I was also caught by mytripfriends. Fortunately I called the airline Emirates a day before the time so could get another ticket from Expedia.

How is it possible they are still selling tickets online!? They must not only be stopped, they need to go to jail!


well, i've been scammed too! I booked my flights in september and immediately checked afterwards with the airline to see if they had my reservation and it was all fine;

I checked again today and couldn't go through my reservation. I called austrian airlines and they told me that my booking was cancelled on Nov. 29 to my credit card.

Problem is that I pay via paypal and nobody, including austrian airlines never had my credit card number...

Raj, you said that you got a refund from paypal but how long was is after your initial booking? I'm over the 45 days deadline that paypal has set for claims


This SCAM setup is now operating also under the name of again giving name from Denmark - The hoax E-ticket they sent me was 10 hours after the flight had left, was with a false booking code and the airlines in question had no recollection of my name or booking! They do not accept CCs or Paypal, only bank transfer and Western Union.

Both should not be used to pay for anything. Im amazed that some of you got tickets at all to fly - at least you got half way there, better that nothing at all.


Hey everyone

I wish I read these posts before I paid for my flight..I've been scammed too by BE AWARE this is the continuation of the thieves at any of you get the money back somehow??? :(


thanks for this page, I avoided purchasing something with them. they seemed fishy enough for not taking credit cards.

For those of you who want to report them, please do so!! just google "how to report scam"


i thank God i passed through this forum, i near fall into this trap. since one week i have been battling with them to provide me paypal information so that i can made payment to them


Me and my friends booked tickets from, a site from denmark which was offering cheap tickets to India. On the day of my travel, I called the airline and they say that the ticket is cancelled.

The guy who answers the phoen at number given in the site said, go to airport we will check and re-arrange another ticket. I had to go to airport and wait for 5 hours when he was doing some non-sense business and ultimately i had to book thru expedia and travel.

Since I paid through Paypal, I fought with them and got my money back. But all my friends were not fortunate enough.


@Trudy They paid for my tickets and before i paid i called the airline and blocked the booking with a code so they can't cancel them.

and you paid?


Elisabeth, i can help you contact me, I will help you to close this website

any person need help


#341568 has much cheaper prices than other travel agencies.

Since they don't accept credit cards, I opened a paypal account.

Then I got email from Jan Moosmand saying they accept only bank transfer.

It was fortunate I checked this review before I make a payment.

You guys saved me. Thank you so much.


This criminal Lars Dahlin started a new web-site called WWW.YOURTRIPPLANNERS.COM.

So watch it, I payed by bank-transfer my tickets from Amsterdam to Bali by KLM. I never receive my tickets, every day he promised me to send the right tickets, but no way!How can we stop that criminal LARS DAHLIN and his compagnion JAN MOOSMAND,both from Denmark.The tel. nr. from the company is 0045-36987693 but they never answer!

They only answer me by emails with promises and promises. bull ***!

I already inform the cyber-crime police and they told me to inform the Danish police????

I hope so this criminal LARS DAHLIN stops his activites and the web-site will be closed.p WWW.YOURTRIPPLANNERS.COM


It happened to me too, but we got to use the tickets on the way to go and found out the day of the return tickets that they were refund,so we got stuck in a place that wasn t ours.Where do we cumplain or to who, what should we do????????????? :(


I got scammed too and it was 4 adults, 2 babies, and one 3 year old trying to get back. Can you imagine all of us trying not to cry with babies crying!!!!

I want to scam them now. Any ideas???!!!


I wish I could read the post before buying the ticket. I have been also cheated by them with 2,500 USD.

They've canceled the ticket bought from Lufthansa and the most weird thing is I can still see the ticket in Lufthansa's official site after that, but when I went to the airport and proceed the check-in.

Lufthansa told me the ticket has been canceled 10 days ago. :cry There must someone in Lufthansa to help them.


Same thing happened to me (from GErmany).

Booked two flights on, paid with paypal and never got my money back.

The tickets were actually in the system with BA but I booked flights for december so I didn´t check back for 1 or 2 months until I had a question concerning luggage and I called BA customer service. They told me the reservation was cancelled due to credit card missuse.

Now the time for Paypal buyer protection was up !!! Since it is only 40 days and it took me about 55 to (fortunately) realize that I was frauded.

I filed a complaint at the police and they are trying to get those f***ing fools who stole my money.

Hope this helps people.


They are now TRAVELCHEAPNOW.DK ( changed to and now they are TRAVELCHEAPNOW.DK).

I lost six tickets with them, but I was able to file dispute with my credit card company, because I insisted to be able to pay them with PayPal. Crooks and thieves they are!


They paid for my tickets and before i paid i called the airline and blocked the booking with a code so they can't cancel them.


I was about to pay for the tickets today, I checked everything with the airline, everything is ok but I wasn't feeling good, there isn't any information about these people on the internet, phonebook, no information at all. Thank you guys very much!!! Now they have a new website, website is diferent but the name of the sales mannager is the same LARS DAHLIN, same phone number.


Hi Tammy and Diane, please read my submission about I just added my message there.

Unfortunately, I am sure there are many of us who got tricked by these crooks.

We will go after them legally! it is unacceptable.


OMG...this just happened to me. I paid through paypal. Isn't there any resolution?


I too booked tickets thru this scam!! But luck was on my side, the paypal acct I was suppose to send it thru, refunded all my funds.

He stated that he was hired thru this company to receive funds, but found out their were cheating and scamming customers. When I called to verify this with travel i was hung up on repeatedly!!!!

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